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Advitha Pet Hospital
Dr. Bharath Raj
Director, MVSc (Surgery & Radiology)

Experience : 12 years
Pets are beloved companions that provide comfort, joy, and unconditional love to their owners. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Dr. Dasari Lalitha Indrani
Veterinary Doctor, BVSC & AH

Experience : 2 years
Being a veterinarian is never easy but i know its always gonna be worth it adding a meaning to life

Dr. Praneeth Datta
Veterinary Doctor, BVSC & AH

Experience : 2 years
Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.

Dr. Vaishak
Veterinary Doctor, MVSc (Surgery & Radiology)

Experience: 2 years
Pets can be therapeutic, improve social skills, provide companionship, reduce stress, and increase physical activity. They come in different breeds and species.

Dr. Anusha R
Veterinary Doctor, BVSC & AH

Experience : 1 year
I always felt that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don’t fake or hide their feelings and they are the most loyal creatures on earth

Dr. Suraj S Gourav
Veterinary Doctor, MVSc Gynaecology and obstetrics

Experience : 2 years

Pets are not our whole life but they make our lives whole!

Dr. Shaymala
Veterinary Doctor, BVSC & AH

Experience: 1 year
Having a pet can teach responsibility, empathy, and patience. They provide unconditional love and can improve mental and physical health.

Dr. Swapna
Veterinary Doctor, BVSC & AH

Experience : 2 years
Pets are loyal companions that bring joy, comfort, and love into our lives. They require care, attention, and responsibility.




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